Some of my Slot Car Collection


 I built this car using a resin Vicky body I had gotten from Ed Penland years ago. I had made the radiator from resin using a die cast model as the prototype, and added a motor from another die cast car. In added decals from Radical Decals and the numbers I believe are from Road Race Replicas. I painted the wheels from a good running slim line and added Weird Jack's Hot Rod whitewalls to complete the look. 


 The original plan had been to enter this in Roger Corrie's Speed Weeks Short Track Race when I realized that the slim line chassis was not legal, so now it is just a fun at home toy. 


 In preparation for Roger Corrie's Camaro Bash in September of 2006, the newly acquired Canary Racing woodie pulls up behind the pit building, watched by state trooper guarding the tower. The second entrant vehicle is loaded on it's trailer but the tow vehicle is out on an errand at a distant part of the track during this moment.


Four of the less common cars run through Brooklands. From left to right they are a Riggen, Cox, Russell Maxx, and Rotafast.


Mario Andretti takes his Lotus F1 ride through the park.



A signed Pignon Cobra from Road Race Replicas.


Here is a Johnny Lightning Cobra painted by Krazcustoms and sporting custom front wheels from a Revell Die-cast model.


An Audi TT whose caster I cannot remember right now, painted by me. This is a great handling car.


A GoGo Volkswagen Nardo, with the plastic roof from a die-cast body grafted on by me.


An AFX pick up with new pipes and rollbar from aluminum tubing as crafted by Fred Dent, races with a 1945 Chevy truck by Troy Mead mounted on vintage Champion wheel sets.


Four cars by Chris Rolf of Dragjet bodies run through Brooklands. The lead Karmann Ghia sports aluminum mag wheels by Mike Miller. The number 6 is one Chris' MGB GT models, and the Lincoln sport a beautiful metalflake finish.

I have nothing at all to do with this car, except I bought it from Mike of Krazcustoms. It is a Tyco Richard Petty car with the perfection Mike is know for.


This paint job was done using a brush back in the 60's when I was still in high school.


Here are two Chargers painted by Krazcustoms which I mounted on Thunderjet chassis and added RRR stocker wheels. The golfers look unconcerned about the track activity.


As the Grandstands start to fill, two custom painted CanAm racers by Mark Tutton come up to pass two TycoPro cars.


Here is one of my teenage projects, an Atlas Indy Car with hand painted details done during my junior high years.


My attempt to replicate the 1939 Bugatti Type 57SC that won at Le Mans. This model is basically a resin body I got from a French eBay dealer and then modified to use on a Thunderjet truck chassis.


A Super Modified by Greg Gipe comes up behind an open wheel midget as they pass the newly finished grandstand section.


A pack of cars by Greg Gipe pass the new workshop. They leader is a Fiat 850 followed by an AMC Hornet, a Saab Sonnett, and a BMW 2002. In the parking lot is another of Greg's pieces, a Nash Metropolitan. The Follmer Mustang in the shop is one of Mark Tutton's master works.


 Our intrepid photographer hid behind the bleachers at Brooklands Speedway and caught some pre-season tests. This pair of stockers is getting in some early track time in preparation for Roger Corrie's Speedweeks Stock Car Proxy Race. Buck Baker leads on the outside in his Chrysler 300-B (body from the Corrie Body Company) while a newly repainted JL Fairlane follows on the inside.


 The Chrysler has now been loaded onto the car carrier and is headed to Virginia Beach for Speedweeks. 


 The Fairlane, in the Canary Racing Team colors, takes some final laps before being loaded onto another hauler


 The other two entries, these for the Daytona 24 Hours Proxy Race, take a few moments to spar as they pass the garage area. 


 After final practice, the Ford GT, body by MEV, loads up on another transporter. 


 The TR3, built from a Corrie body, takes a few laps around Brooklands after running in the Daytona Proxy Race. 

 The blimp caught this shot of the Canary Racing #68 loading into the transporter while the #89 takes a few more laps. 


 This is another view of the two Corrie Motors bodied Indy Cars. In the pit lane sits an early Indy Turbine that is not making this trip, while Penske Racings '69 Camaro heads up behind the pits. Also note that another Camaro sits hidden under the car cover. 


 The first car that I could really remember from my childhood was our 1957 Belair 4-door. I had Phil Pignon do one of his great 2-door Hardtops in the color scheme of this childhood memory, and it turned out great. 

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