Building the New Brooklands Speedway 
  Starting in January, 2017  

This page was last updated March 1, 2018

To visit the original Brooklands Speedway, please click the photograph of the flying Bugatti on the real Brooklands in England


  Brooklands Speedway 

Basement 2016

In July of 2016, you can see what will be my slot car room in the distance. It is the area with the walls painted with blue DryLock.


In July the slot room was storage for anything that could not be kept in the construction zone.


By late August of 2016, the pegboard was on the slot car room walls, and I had started to paint the drywall.

Family Room

By the end of 2016, the Family Room was finished, and the door to the left of this photo leads into the slot car room.


The repaired slot car clock was placed on the west wall of pegboard on January 5, 2017.

west wall

The salvaged table with the start of the city of Cherrington Park is in front of the west wall as I prepared to build the new tables.


The view of the room in the opposite direction, facing east.


On January 7, we picked up the lumber to build the tables for the New Brooklands Speedway.


The next day the table structure for the rest of the layout started to take shape.


Progress is being made on the framework using the girder system from Model Railroader Magazines library.


By January 10, plywood was going onto the framework.


The surface plywood is in place.


I started to experiment placing the track to figure out the best version for the new layout.


After some experimentation, this is pretty close to the final layout chosen, but it was still tweaked a bit.


Figuring out the esses.

Main Straight

Looking along the main straight where the driving stations will be located.


By January 17, the fascia boards were in place around the layout.


The slot car room near the end of the first month of work and includes the mini theater spotlights for simulated night driving.


Finally I could start to organize and put some artwork on the walls.


More art on the west wall, along the city table.


The south wall now has more display cases, and some posters.


In early February, the first elevated area has appeared on the layout.

A few days later I had mounted the train display shelves on the wall. The green panel includes switches that control the Aurora junction turns in the city section.


In the first week of March, the track was connected, the driving stations in place, the scoring tower was in place for the Trakmate timing system, and other scenery was being tested for possible locations.


The hills are starting to take shape with insulating foam carved to fit, and the trolley route is being planned.

Tunnel Turn

The parking lot entrance is in place with a second elevation in the layout.


This factory was bought several years ago from the widow of the builder.  She told me that her husband kept constructing structures but never got around to making a train layout. I promised her that this one would be on any layout I construct.


In April I worked on building this wall of shale to go on thelayout.


The trolley line and the freight line train tracks are now in position.


I continued the application of Sikkens Kombi Putty to the seams between track pieces, especially where it would make the tires bounce.


After the putty cures, I sand it, and then do another thin application.


In late April I was able to test run a few cars to see where there still are problem areas.  Once I am satisfied, I will start to paint the track.


In early May I continued to experiment with scenery locations so that I can plan the landscaping. Many of these items will move again before final locations are selected.


I started to caulk the spaces in the foam, filling seams, and starting on the swimming mine hole atop the hill.


On May 27, I tested the location of the shale wall to see that it would fit properly.

The city section of the layout features Lionel Mystery Track pieces which allow the cars leaving the city to select one of the three possible highways outside of town. Click the arrow in the center of the image above to see a video of the Mystery Track in action.


I have been using Jeweler's Abrasive Cord to sand all the slot junctions for smoother car travel.


A few years back, I asked Chris "Dr. Oogan" DeAngelis to make two billboards for the old layout.  He took a photo I had made of one of my slot cars, and added a new background and did the artwork for this sign.  I adapted his artwork by fading it and adding grain to use as the background for this page.  You can see some of Dr. Oogan's products at his website, including the billboard he made for America On Wheels Museum's first slot car event ever.


I started to apply caulk around the edges of the track and the pink foam to make a surface for the acrylic paint base that will be under the turf in these areas.

Test Paint

On June 10 I did a little bit of test painting to see if this would work as I wanted.  The blue and black is the base for the mine hole that swimmers will be visiting later next summer (I hope).


In August I started to build shoulders for the track, including some Aurora "Speed Corner" like ones, using paintable caulk. Once this is properly cured, it will all get painted.


In November I started the process of painting the track with Behr Premium Plus latex paint with a satin finish, once again in the shade of "Distant Thunder". It will take a few light coats and the cleaning of the electric rail using model railroad "Big Boy" blocks.


The paving company came in and applied the blacktop for a parking lot to the right, and the amusement park in the middle. All four lanes now run cars, but there is still a bit of tweaking and cleaning needed to make everything run smoothly.


A closer look at the textured blacktop applied in December of 2017.


A day after painting the pink foam walls on the elevation, sod was planted below, and along the track and the future swimming hole.


The sod was also planted atop and below the shale wall before the end of 2017.


In early 2018, the trolley started to run on a track that was having ballast installed.


On January 11, I used my Chinese static grass applicator to make my first attempt at having vertical flocking on the "sod".


I made more of an attempt to integrate the hill climbing section that used to hide a heating pipe on the original Brooklands as a background scene. Details still need improvement, but progress is steadily progressing.


A bit more landscaping is getting the hill climbing area nearly finished.


Vegetation is growing atop the stone cliff.


The trailer court has opened across the trolley tracks from the hill climbing site.


An overview of the speedway section as it is  developing with some of the scenery appearing.


The Fish & Chips vendor has settled in between the town and the farm.  The billboard is just there as a test right now.


A ballgame has broken out on the sandlot, a true "field of dreams".


A group of tourists are testing the area between the swimming hole and the motocross as the new campground.


A cow is being milked outside the barn while a farm hand carries a calf in the pasture through the gate.


One of the guys out on the motocross has his front wheel off the ground at the top of the hill.


One swimmer has entered the water while another is ready to dive in.

Water is starting to flow down river through the recently installed culverts.

Stove Wall

The stone wall is starting to be built, out of small pieces of painted wood strips.

Stove Wall
Gone fishin'.

The stone wall is built.

Putting in a golf green.

The parking lot is filling up.

On the mini golf course.

There goes the neighborhood.

Cleaning up after the pooch.

Fencing is starting to delineate the speedway entrance.

Marking the tin cup.

The beach is starting to get crowded at the swimming hole.

As of March 1, 2018, this is the view from the city area looking east towards the Speedway.

This is the overview of the layout from the other end of the room.

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