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                                                  Photo by J.C.Penney by Lifetouch

 Eldest son, Scott, is Marketing and Development Manager for the Department of Theatre and Dance at Muhlenberg College. 



                                                  Photo by Hub Willson Photography

 Jess currently is working at Muhlenberg College as Manager of the Theater and Dance Departments. 



                             photo by Lifetouch

 Our youngest, Mike, shown during his First Year at the USAFA, is now a graduated First Lieutenant. See more of his USAFA career by going to our USAFA page. 



 Our dearly missed Cooper Visits the Easter Bunny at the Kennel 



 Dave & Mike in the Colorado Springs' Garden of the Gods 



 Peg & Mike in beautiful Garden of the Gods 



 Peg hugs a tree in Colorado 



 In July of 2003, Scott and Megan were married. Scott, Jess, and Mike share a pleasant moment at the rehearsal for the wedding while Rev. Wagner looks on 


 The new Megan Snyder arrives at her reception 


 Best Man Mike explains the secrets of marriage to the Bride and Groom 



 Peg dances with the man of the hour 



 The newlyweds cut their wedding cake


 Peg displays her joy of this special day 


 The wedding cake prepared by Peg using the cake topper from her parents' wedding 



 The groom's cake in a Dr. Seuss theme also prepared by the mother of the groom 



 Dave's Mom, Ruth, celebrated her 85th birthday in May of 2004 with a tea party catered by Peg. This is one of the plates served to the lucky guests. 



 Chef Peg assembles the plates for the party. 



 The woman of the hour relaxes before the party with her wait staff, Janet & Peg. 



 The elegant tea party included excellent personal service for the party goers. 



 The attendees pose for a group portrait after the festivities. 



 We had our annual July wedding again in 2004 with Jess and Eric getting married at Buck Steep Manor. The rehearsal followed a brief rain shower, and then this wonderful rainbow. 



 The rehearsal was held in the barn which would the site of the post wedding dancing the next night. 


 Paul samples the goods while Peg prepares the tables for the rehearsal dinner picnic on the porch of the Manor House. 


 The rehearsal evening ended with a campfire and toasted marshmallows. 



 The beautiful bride, Jess, in her last moments of single life. 


 While Jess gets ready upstairs, the guests mingle on the porch of the Manor House, where just last night the picnic had been held. 


 The brother and the mother of the bride. 



 Jess arrives escorted by her Dads. 



 Brother Scott serenades the couple during the ceremony. 



 Jess & Eric celebrate their new marriage at beautiful Buck Steep Manor. 



 The bridal party. 



 Our family after the ceremony. 



 Peg made all the special bouquets on top of each of the shown individual wedding cakes, as well as Eric's Groom's cake. Eric's mom made the delicious individual wedding cakes. 



 Details of Eric's Groom's cake show an Olds Cutlass, Fishing, Guitar Playing, Motorcycling, and Hiking; all part of Eric's life. 


 Go Greased Lightning! 


 Bobby, Paul, Sheri and Alida danced the night away in the barn. 


 Mike and Peg enjoy a stop in the Dr. Seuss Memorial Garden in Springfield. 


 Dave visits his friends Eleanor and Franklin at Hyde Park, NY. 


 Peg and Mike look out over the Mississippi River from St. Louis' famed Gateway Arch. 


 Peg and Dave enjoy the views from the summit while visiting Colorado. 

 We discovered one of the oldest existing hotels in Manitou while on our visit to Colorado. 


 Peg shows her pleasure of a magnificent lunch as we depart the Cliff House. 


 Peg lends scale to a work of art in front of the Art Museum in Denver. 


 Jess looks out through a opening in the newly restored heart at Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. 



 Jess, Eric, and Peg enjoy steaks at Philly's famous Pat's Steaks

 Mike helps make sure that the freshman drill team from the Honor Guard is ready for competition in California


 Peg relaxes after a marvelous stage debut in "Vagina Monologues" at Allentown's Civic Theatre


 Dave and Jeff Weslosky relax before performing Schoenberg's "Survivor of a Warsaw Ghetto" with the Allentown Symphony in February 2005. 


 Peg, Gail Farnham, and Nancy Civitts celebrate their retirements from Weisenberg Elementary School


 Dave on stage at the Lifetouch Summer Meeting, being recognized upon retiring after 32 years with the company. 


 Peg and Dave celebrating at the Lifetouch Banquet in Minneapolis in July 2005


 Peg relaxes while again touring Colorado's Garden of the Gods


 Peg displays her most recent wedding cake creation. 


 Peg, Chuck and Pam pose after a recent Christmas Carol performance as Mrs. Colby, Old Joe, and Mrs. Dilbert at Civic Theatre. 


 Dave joins with other members of Summer Harmony at the 2005 Christmas Concert at First Presbyterian Church, Allentown. 


 Peg tries to stay warm in the Garden of the Gods in February 2006. 


 A beautiful sky and amazing rock formations make the Garden of the Gods one of our favorite places. 


 The same rocks as seen from the other side. 


 Everywhere one looks in Colorado, God's nature shines upon us with a special beauty. 


 Here is our family room and bar area as of March 2006, before renovations. 


 This is the view after demolition and as renovations start. 


 By early April, we are only awaiting carpeting, furniture, and the globes on the billiards lights. 


 As of June, we know have a card table and chairs at the bar and the pool table installed. 


 This view shows the pool table and the TV. 


 Here is the seating area and the book cases. 


 And my Williams Deluxe Baseball machine sits behind the seating area


 Mike is still enjoying his volleyball while serving with the Air Force. 


 Peg tends bar at the Buckhorn Saloon in San Antonio, TX. 


 Dave waits for someone to post bail. 


 Mike and Peg enjoy a few minutes break while walking the boardwalk at Ocean City, NJ. 


 At Cabin 9 of Hill's Motor Court at Alexandria Bay. 


 Peg created this lily pond and horsefly cake for her friend Alida. 


 Another Peg creation, Bob's Coor's Light cake. 



 Peg and Dave at a Magin's Bay overlook on St. Thomas. 


 Peg pauses while touring Providence RI. 



 Eric, Jess, and Roscoe enjoy an autumn weekend. 


 The Phillie Phanatic directs Dave and the rest of Summer Harmony before a 2007 Phillies-Marlins game. 


 Peg and Mike smile after Peg pinned Mike's wings at his graduation at Randolph AFB in May 2008. 


 Peg and Dave enjoy their time in Alaska in September of 2008, just outside of Denali National Park. You can see more Alaska photos here.

 In February of 2009 we visited Mike in Albuquerque, and during that visit we went to El Malpais National Monument were I took this photo of Peg.

  In April Mike came home and got to meet his nephew Harry.

       During Mike's visit we started the tradition of family group portraits.

  In September, Peg and I took a drive across Route 6 in PA, starting with this lunch in Milford.

  Dave poses at the Zero Mile Marker at the Ohio border.

  Megan, Scott, and Mike check out the view from our second row seats at the 2009 World Series at Citizens Bank Park.

  For Thanksgiving, Peg and Dave traveled to Old Sturbridge Village where Dave got to assist friend Tom Morehouse with some of the farming chores.

  In March of 2010, we started our road trip South at Monticello.

  Our next stop was the beautiful city of Charleston.

  After several wonderful days in Savannah with the Lifetouch Alumni Club, we drove south to St. Augustine, Florida.

  Although we only had one sunny day, we fell in love with the city and we are eager to go back.

  On our return trip we stopped to visit Peg's sister Sally's family at their home in Newberry SC.

  On St. Patrick's Day, grandson Harry stopped by to visit. Here he is playing with his dad, Eric.

  Harry's older cousin Caty was also here that day, shown with her mom, Megan.

  Caty and Harry enjoyed Easter together in April.

  In May we joined Jess, Eric, and Harry for a fun day at Knoebels.

  In June of 2010, I seriously threw a first pitch at an Iron Pigs baseball game while celebrating my 60th birthday with a group of friends in the Team Suite.

  Caty loved to travel with us to our camper at Timothy Lake North in the Poconos. Here she has a discussion with Peg at the pond.

  In July Caty enjoyed an Allentown Band Concert by playing her "flute" with the band while holding her friend "Gorilla".

  When Mike came to visit, he enjoyed learning about the campground from Caty.

  Mike walks with Harry at the Fish Hatchery during his September visit to the Lehigh Valley.

  We took a New England cruise with Princess. Bob Minich and Dave are ready for formal night.

  In Newport RI, we took the Segway tour of the mansions.

  The next stop on the cruise was lovely Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor Maine.

  We found that the raingear did not keep us dry while riding the jet boats through the reversing falls at St. John's. We are here with Sherry and Bob Minich.

  In September we spent a few quiet days in Wildwood, NJ.

  October saw us visiting Bushkill Falls in the Poconos.

  Jess and Eric joined Harry with cowboy themed costumes for Halloween.

  The cousins are all ready to go Trick or Treating from Grandma and Grandpa's house.

  At Christmas, Dave enjoys sharing his 0-27 putz with the family.


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